Matters of The Heart Show #4 for March 13th, 2019

Show Duration: 37 minutes


– Hosts: M. Renee, J. Diamond along with their Special Guest: Troy Scott

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Show Today:


– What is a Dysfunctional Family?

– What are the characteristics of a Dysfunctional Family?

– The effects of living in a dysfunctional family

– Dysfunctional Family Roles


On the show today:


What is a dysfunctional family?

– A family with multiple internal conflicts e.g. sibling rivalry, parent-child conflicts

– A family with multiple external conflicts e.g., alcohol or drug abuse, wrong influences

– A family that lacks the ability to realize that something is wrong


What are some characteristics of a dysfunctional family?

– Short is Idea and catchy that communicates theme that is not too long

– Descriptive to what the show is about


What are some effects of living in a dysfunctional family?

– Social isolation

– Withdrawn

– Difficulty expressing thoughts or feelings

– Low self-esteem


What are the dysfunctional family roles?

-The Enabler or caretaker

– Scapegoat or trouble maker

– The lost child or quiet one

– Mascot

– The Hero


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