#1:  Pressure on the kids

Kids today have way more pressure on them than we did when we were growing up.  Today’s children are being bombarded with

choices that society places on them.  To grow up not being able to play dress up or play baseball because parents refuse to acknowledge

their child’s gender is just absurd.  Shouldn’t the pressure be on getting good grades in school or having good behavior?



#2: Chance Of A Normal Life

Choices like this will most definitely have a lasting impact on a child.  One could only pray that the child will grow up and see through

the confusion.  I believe that with much guidance and love, that anyone raised this way can go on to live a normal life.  It would have to

start with forgiveness of the parents for making them live in such a manner that causes them to be rejected or ostracized.


#3:  Does Society Now Rule

Have we allowed society to rule with all of their hidden agendas being forced on us.  Why do we sit idly by and conform to everything new

thing that comes along?  Our children are the future, the next generation.  Politics should not be the thing to cause our kids to suffer in silence

because someone thinks its okay to be different.  A child should be able to live as they are born regardless to what bill or laws were passed, and

what parents feel is the right thing to do.

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