#1:  Black Face

The black face thing that’s going on around the world today in my opinion, is that some people take things too far.  Black face in New Orleans is a tradition that they use for
Mardi Gras which is a costume.  When you get people that take it past that, they take it to the point where they’re using it as derogatory or racist statement, then now you’ve got a
I guess it’s the same thing as somebody wearing a clown face you know nobody’s saying anything about the clown, but everybody wants to say something about the black face.
Really and truly we should be past all of the mocking of people and just the racism period.   We should be past the point of saying that this is right and that’s wrong.   To me it’s just a blackface, now when you go to put it on posters with derogatory words, or with a noose around the neck now you’ve gone in a little too deep.  I think that’s what’s happening with America.

#2:  Two Questions

Do you think that we have become too sensitive to blackface?

I don’t even think that the the outcry should be so much focused on okay you got other races wearing blackface.  Then you have other races killing unarmed unarmed black
boys or a black men.  I think the out cry should be hey we’ve got black on black crime going on at high rates, why don’t we focus on that because again they’re only able to do
what we allow them to get away with.
I believe we have become so sensitive to a word that somebody began using way back in the early day and we’ve gotten stuck on that word.  In actuality within ourselves we have
no problem with calling each other that same word.  We have no problem with using it but we become offended when someone else use it.  We should be offended all the way
around and across the board.

Why do we as a people take some of the craziest things to try to make it into a cultural thing?

You know people can call you a whole bunch of things, but it’s not what they call you its what you answer to. We have been tricked in answering to it or feeling some type
of way about it.  A lot of them are answering to it so if we change and become a culture known for the positive things then we can drown out all that negative stuff.

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